Where to play games online

This page collects all the ways to play tabletop, RPG, etc. games that we're aware of, along with helpful information about each. If you have a source or tip to add, please let us know so we can update this reference.

Tabletop websites

The following sites provide one or more games to play online through the website.

Dominion (website)

This is the official online version of the game Dominion. Accounts are free and come with the base cards. Additional cards require a subscription.

Board Game Arena (website)

Board Game Arena is built around the idea of tables. When starting a game, a table is created. By default the site picks a random player and invites them to your table. To avoid this, change your opponent settings from Automatic to Manual.

Playing on Board Game Arena requires creating an account. The two account options are:

Yucata (website)

A hobby website that hosts 100+ online games, including:

Yucata says it owns an official license for all the games listed above.

Playing Cards (website)

Currently offers checkers, a small handful of card games, and "other/custom".

This site is notable because it include Cards Against Humanity, under the name "Remote Insensitivity." (NOTE: This reference is provided as a public knowledge resource. Please see the FAQ for our policy on games like CAH.)

The site is free - start a game, then send the "game code" to friends. There are no chat capabilities, so you'll need to use your own for communication.

Tabletopia (website)

Similar to Board Game Arena, with a different account structure:

Mattle Games (website)

Doesn't support choosing your own opponent(s) or inviting friends to a table/game. Players are randomly assigned an opponent.

Includes several browser-based clones of popular games like Azul (Azee), 7 Wonders: Duel (Sevenee), and Blokus (Blockee).

Tabletop game engines

Software installed on your computer that then connects to a server and/or others to play games. Typically, individual games are added as modules.

Tabletop Simulator (website)

Install Tabletop Simulator (e.g. from Steam), then purchase and/or download games to play on it.

Vassal (website)

A free, open source alternative to something like Tabletop Simulator - "a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games and card games." Individual games are available for download as modules.

Cockatrice (website)

An open source client/server "for playing tabletop card games."

Tablet/mobile/etc. games

Most of these are not free and require that each player have their own copy of the game.

Role-playing Games

Roll20 (website)

Other resources

If you didn't find what you were looking for here try these other resources:

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